Traffic Sign

Entry to 20mph Zone

End of 20mph zone

Maximum speed

National speed limit applies

Stop crossing petrol

Stop and Give way

Give way to traffic on major road
Manually operated temporary
STOP and GO signs

No entry for vehicular traffic

No vehicles except bicycles being pushed
No cycling
No motor vehicles
No buses
No towed caravans
No vehicles carrying explosives
No vehicle or combination of vehicles over length shown
No vehicles over height shown
No vehicles over width shown
Give priority to vehicles from opposite direction
No right turn
No left turn
No U-turns
No goods vehicles over maximum gross weight shown (in tonnes) except for loading and unloading
No vehicles over maximum gross weight shown (in tonnes)
Parking restricted to permit holders
No stopping during period indicated except for buses
No stopping during times shown except for as long as necessary to set down or pick up passengers
No waiting
No stopping (Clearway)

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